If I had a garden like Monet, I’d paint too.

A few hours from Paris, rests Giverny, a quaint artistic paradise, where every leaf is unique, almost like it is waiting to be captured on a canvas. (Seriously no filter, the leaves where pink and purple)


From comfy-home-like restaurants to beautiful artsy streets. This town is made for artists. After a little snack at one of the cafes and walking around the town a little, we finally made our way in to Monet’s house.

From red leaves hugging houses to fallen green leaves; there were colours I couldn’t even identify. Even though we went in Autumn (Spring is the ideal season), it was a treat for the eyes. We stood patiently in queue to see Monet’s house and garden. And after about twenty minutes of waiting we were finally in.


Let’s start with the house. Even though it was packed with people, you could feel Monet’s soul lingering in there. Each room was a different shade of pastel. Yellow. Blue. Green. From floral furniture to mosaicked tiles each room had a different theme. And after a short and cramped walk in the house (it was crowded with furniture), we manoeuvred our way towards the garden.


Since it was autumn, the garden was breathing the last flames of colour with an exuberant ardour, before falling asleep for the winter.


Once you entered the garden, all of Monet’s work came alive. From the Water Lilies to the Irises. I could see the pathways, the streams, the people he painted.

The Water Garden generously let the trees surrounding the pond reflect in the meridian light. The dark leaves smiled upon seeing their reflection. Every now and then, the wind would bring in a leaf to join the party.


How can one resist so much magic?

How to get there.

By train:

Giverny is a village located 75 km West from Paris and 4 km East from the town of Vernon. The Vernon-Giverny station is situated on the main train line Paris / Rouen / Le Havre. It starts from the Saint-Lazare Paris station (which has not changed much since Monet painted it). The fastest trains complete the journey in less than 45 min.

In the Metro, take the ‘SNCF – Grandes Lignes’ exit. Now once you arrive in Vernon to get to Giverny you can either take the shuttle bus or walk it down. Though I’d recommend to take the bus it’s about 5 km away and you’d want to save up your energy to explore the village.



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