Rue Cremieux

Parisians love black. The only time you see them experimenting with colours is summer. From grey well aligned buildings to white strong structures. Their architecture is well known to the world, I mean they made Eiffel Tower.


But not many people know that tucked away between Rue de Lyon and Rue de Bercy in the 12th arrondissement is a colourful lane. Rue Cremieux, 144 meters long street is a little paradise for tourists. With charming little private houses and cobblestoned pathway this street showcases a different side of Paris.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 11.01.33

A touch of countryside is reflected in these house, where your eyes are drawn to the trompes l’œil that decorate the façades, with a cat hunting delicately painted birds or a lilac that surrounds an entrance.


It’s a short delightful stroll, where visitors can’t help but take pictures.


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