With turquoise blue water under your feet, Pier Chic draws you away from the crowd into a Utopian world. And that’s exactly what we needed for our fifth anniversary.

We booked a table weeks in advance, as recommended by numerous people and Zomato. But when we arrived we didn’t anticipate the long walk to the pier. After asking around for directions and getting distracted by the lovely Madinat Jumierah Hotel, we finally made it. And when we found it, it was like a pearl in the ocean.


After being greeted politely, they directed us to our seat. A lovely corner table with the view of Burj (well, at least half) and beautiful serene blue water.


Personally I found the menu very limiting. With few dishes to choose from after a lot of hesitation I ordered the squid risotto. And my husband called for a fish and some bubbly to get the celebration rolling.

A lovely briefcase of bread was placed on the table where the server took us through the choices. And I must say it was quite a spread. Accompanied with herbed and salted butter on an oyster, they just made breads look a whole lot exotic.


My risotto had a lemon foam, a burnt something, three beautiful pink prawns and the most tender squid with green coloured rice. I know it doesn’t sound very appetising. And I thought the same when I saw it, compared to my husband’s dish which had a beautiful orange puree smeared, with bright red beat drops, green mint chutney droplets with a juicy white fish resting on it. Maybe I should have ordered something else I thought.

I mixed it all together. Gotta eat, what you’ve paid for. So I took a tiny spoon of the green rice and was blown by the medley of flavours. It was acidic, soft and buttery, it was like the squid was dancing with rice creating a delectable surprise.

And there was more to come. The finale. The dessert. We ordered an orange and chocolate treat, which was a paradise for our palate. The orange jelly with chocolate mousse, the deconstructed moist sponge cake, the chocolate macaron, a vanilla sorbet on a bed of chocolate dust and my personal favourite mandarin sauce. It was a tease. The more you had, the more you craved. There couldn’t be a better way to end the meal.



We went for lunch, most people prefer night. But the view, the water, it deserves to be seen. The food was ace. The ambience was amazing. The waiters however where in a hurry to clear the table and bring out the next course, even though the place was empty, it felt like they wanted us out of there. The room temperature was not on fleek, but after bringing to their notice, it was corrected.


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