The whole idea of a holiday is to be away from all the hustle bustle of the city. The work calls. The good morning whatsapp messages. The promo calls. And that’s exactly what our holiday was like.

The route:

We drove from Bangalore through the Bandipur Forest and in less than 6 hours we were in Wayanad. Through the spiralling tea estates and lush tall trees we finally made it to our stay.

Where we stayed:

Day 1: Stream Valley Resort

While the birds chirped in the mornings, the fireflies danced at night. This quaint stay was just the beginning to our oneness with nature.


Day 2-4: Vythri Resort

One of the finest stays in Wayanad. It’s where nature meets luxury. You can indulge in a relaxing spa or participate in some adventure sports. There’s a plethora of activities to choose from.

Boat House from the complete Kerela expereince

After a much relaxing week we packed our bags and were ready for our next destination. The much loved COORG. This three hours drive from Wayanad was like a music video, with curving forest paths and trees arching the way ahead. The only down side was the lack of network. But I guess that’s the holiday we signed up for when we chose to stay in the middle of a coffee estate.


Deep Woodz – COORG

It was like 50 shades of green. From coconut trees to fresh pepper kernels, this coffee estate was as refreshing delight. We indulged in some delicious lip-smacking homemade food, where fruits were made to curries and boy were they delicious. Their pineapple vegetable and mango curry is not only unique but is worth the trip.

Things to do in Coorg


Who doesn’t like elephants? We’ve all had the dream of riding an elephant, it has a royal ring to it doesn’t it? But let’s be honest, having an elephant is not cheap. These abandoned elephants had no food or purpose. But the Karnataka Governemnt adopted them and trained them for the Mysore Dasara. When not at the ceremony these gentle giants entertain and get some love and care from the tourists. So from feeding them to bathing them, you can live the Jungle Book life here.

Coffee and spice estate tours

Now this is not a surprise, but yes these estate tours are fun. Not only are they informative but also you get to see nature like-never-before.


One week. Two destinations. And a wedding. This trip was much deserved.


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